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HIMYS Breaks into Spring!

Once again, I was scooped up into a crazy whirlwind of traveling and mayhem (well, maybe the mayhem part isn’t quite accurate). In any event, the blog has been seriously lacking in content. I am back to report on many fun items from my travels. The first of which was Restaurant Week!

Technically, I’m not a food blog, but writing about new restaurants is so easy to do in Boston. They are everywhere! So forgive me now if you’re not looking for another food post…cause that’s what this is!

Boston holds Restaurant Week twice a year – and so the great experiment begins! This season, I was able to try three different places, and have given a summary of each below. I really love Restaurant Week for the opportunity it brings. If you don’t already know, area restaurants serve a fixed price menu for around $33 (which doesn’t include drinks). Some restaurants are always going to be pricier by nature. Which is fine. However, I have a hard time justifying the money on one meal if I don’t already know it’s good. Therefore, the fixed price makes it a perfect chance to try these places without feeling guilty or eating ramen for weeks.

With that in mind, I selected these restaurants based on recommendations but it’s important to note that these places tend to be in the mid-to-upper price range. I don’t actually know the names of all of these dishes, so forgive me for some of my crude descriptions.

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City Table 

Inside the Lenox Hotel, this restaurant claims to be a local neighborhood spot but in the higher end sense, of course. It’s a cute space, with a very modern feel – it juxtaposes nice with the classic vibe of the hotel. To me, the space felt a bit divided though and sometimes cramped.

For restaurant week, I started with an artichoke and leek arancini which was lightly battered and fried. It was a good idea but it seem to be a little dry and the artichoke was not distributed equally among the filling, so it just tasted like rice and batter at points. As my main dish, I tried the salmon with brussel sprouts in a cream and sliced potatoes. It wasn’t bad but it just seemed to lack seasoning and the fish was a little overdone. Dessert was a cheesecake with blackberry sauce, which was again, was just ok. It tasted like cheesecake you could buy at the grocery story.

Overall, my experience was not wonderful – and the food was just ok overall. For the price, I’ll skip this restaurant unless a friend selects it for a special occasion. I’ve been told it’s pretty good from a few friends, so maybe it was a Restaurant Week thing.

Blue, Inc.

In the aquarium area, I’m told Blue’s head chef is a former FOX Hell Kitchen contestant. I don’t think Gordon Ramsay would be upset by this place! The restaurant is very small but quaint. Lots of fun décor, and obviously a lot of blue, even the tables and chairs were different than the standard restaurant. It was refreshing to walk into.

For dinner, I started with a Tuna tartare. Let me tell you – I could have licked the plate when I was done. It was incredible. It was marinated in soy sauce, so I was told it’s not a technical tartare but, wow. It definitely got me excited about the rest of my food. For my main course, I went with a mussels fritte. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wowed. The sauce and fries were good, and there was a chipotle aioli dip that was incredible. I was, however, disappointed with the mussels. It tasted like they could have used another few minutes in the pot. They were just a bit too fishy for me – which is tough, because I love fish. Moving to dessert, I went with the carrot cake. It was just a little on the dry side.

Overall, I would absolutely visit again and give the main dish another shot. The mussels were not one of the dishes that the waiter recommended, so part of that is my fault. I was told the duck confit or the swordfish were the top choices.

Market by Jean-Georges

While I had never heard of Market before my Restaurant Week experience, I knew it was an incredibly nice place when I heard that it was 1) in the W Hotel and 2) there was a business casual dress code. If you don’t like either of those things, don’t go to Market. However, I was ready to give it a shot, so I put on my Sunday’s best and hit the town.

To start, I tried the split pea soup. Pea soup generally has a automatic “yuck” reaction for a lot of people I know. However, it was delightful. The flavors were amazing, it’s hard to describe unless you try it for yourself. I just know that from now on, I want my soup poured in my bowl table side. Yum! For my main course, I had a Sriracha cod with bok choy. Delicious!! I love Sriracha anyways – but throw in some perfectly cooked fish with some wonderfully steamed bok choy, and you’ve made a fan out of me. For dessert, I had a salted caramel ice cream with caramel popcorn on top and chocolate sauce (peanuts were an option but I don’t eat those). It was delightful.

Overall, as you can probably already tell, I loved Market. The service was fantastic, the food was outstanding and the atmosphere was great. You might not be allowed to wear jeans but personally, I never felt like people are condescending or snooty.

Visiting three places for Restaurant Week definitely made me feel like a little kid on Christmas. I really enjoy trying new things, and I don’t regret going to any of these places. I do, however, get a little annoyed when restaurants don’t give you the real experience during Restaurant Week that you would get on an everyday visit. It seems like Restaurant Week is an affordable way to become a regular. Why not take advantage of that?

There are definitely a bunch of other restaurants that I have on my list for the summer edition but I won’t spoil anything too soon! Hello Spring!


Restaurant Week Review: Anthem

For my first stop during restaurant week, I decided to try out Anthem located in Faneuil Hall. I’ve considered eating at the restaurant before but was always dissuaded by several factors including price, clientele (gaggles of tourists) and wait. However, as a part of Restaurant Week Boston, the dinner menu looked delightful and the price was something I couldn’t pass up.

The three course menu costs about 33.00 (minus tax or tip, and does not include beverages), with options including fried green tomatoes, braised ribs and bacon wrapped tenderloin. Having only heard about Restaurant Week before, I was curious how Anthem would stack up.


Honestly, Anthem was surprisingly delectable. The first course I tried the buttermilk fried oysters with chipotle-orange aioli, which were a nice level of crispy on the outside without loosing the succulent moisture and flavor of the oyster. For the main dish, I ate the crispy skin salmon with sweet and sour shittake mushrooms which was fantastic – the only part I was a little disappointed in was a fried rice cake side dish. Take this away, and the dish as a whole was fantastic. Of course, I couldn’t not try the fried twinkie for my dessert option – and I was totally floored when this fancy looking dish came to my table. The fried twinkie’s presentation was lovely, and I wasn’t disappointed to find that it reminded me of being at the Texas State Fair. Though, I did enjoy having fresh fruit and whip cream with it – something not really possible with a typical fair food.

All in all, the price was a great bargain and Anthem got me to consider looking past my previous hang ups. I would most definitely head to Anthem again – hopefully, in the summer when the windows can be opened to the patio area!

I’ve got a few more Restaurant Week stops planned – so keep an eye out! For now, I’m still looking for any recommendations, so leave them in the comments box, if you’ve got them!

Boston Eats! Nom Nom Nom!

First off – apologies for the short absence! Been traveling on and off for a few weeks…but I’m back in the swing of things! So let’s begin!

Courtesy of Restaurant Week

Twice a year, the City of Boston hosts Restaurant Week! This is pretty much what it sounds like – restaurants around Boston offer a 2- or 3-course meal for a set price, giving locals a chance to sample food at some of the finest shops in town for cheap! With such an avid restaurant scene, this event is a great way to try some of the world’s best without dropping an entire paycheck. What’s even better is that Restaurant Week is actually more like two weeks since it goes from March 6-11 and March 13-18. Additionally, most of the restaurants have lunch and dinner menu options.

The main newbie pointer for this whole shindig? Make reservations! I’ve heard that most of these establishments are wall-to-wall with people, so it’s best to expect a crowd. Also, understand that sometimes the food is not always at it’s best quality. With so many people, these restaurants often don’t break out the “big guns” for this event but you should at least be able to walk away with an idea of whether it’s worth the dough (yes, the pun was intentional).

Me? I haven’t gotten a chance to partake in the deliciousness yet but I do have lunch reservations next week and am planning on some other choice meals before that! My biggest problem is figuring out where to go! Of course, I will track my adventures here…so stay tuned! And if you have suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!!