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A September 1st Tale


Moving Day!

As I reflect back on the day that was September 1st, I’m filled with much less anxiety and frustration. In fact, now I just laugh. Moving at the beginning of September may not seem like much in other areas of the country, but here in Boston, it’s absolute madness. I’ve talked about the day before – the traffic jams, the trash and the general insanity of it all. However, observing the day and moving on the day are two very different things. I was fortunate enough to have moved on this particular day this year – and it was a doozy. 

Let me set up the situation because truly, the odds were staked against me and the other fortunate souls forced to move on this day.

First, this September 1st fell on a Saturday, which meant that the probability of it being more ridiculous than normal was at an all time high. Knowing the chaotic nature of the day, it’s important to make logistical plans well in advance, which is why I along with my new roommates reserved a truck several months ahead of the day. However, a few days prior, the truck company called and was unable to provide any standard moving truck. As you might expect, it’s not easy to move three people’s stuff without a truck. Instead, a caravan of cars (accompanied by a group of amazing friends) and a rented pickup truck served as a backup, meaning that it took the entire day to move rather than a few hours.

That was just the tip of the iceberg as there was a mound of trash on the side of the apartment, some of the previous tenants goods in the apartment, five new upstairs neighbors moving at the same time, the opening day of a college football game, insane traffic, etc etc.

I’ve heard other stories about September 1st moves and I’m sure there are plenty more unpleasant tales that make my experience look more like a fairy tale. The upside to all of this is that I absolutely love my new apartment – and I’m so glad I made the move.

I also feel like moving on September 1st is the City of Boston’s way of hazing new residents. So, now that I’ve survived my first Moving Day, I think I’ll stay a while. Just try to get rid of me now Boston!


Boston Moves: Moving Day

I’ve been in Boston for around three months now (although, I wasn’t official until September 1st) and as I’ve experienced a lot so far, there is nothing to compare Moving Day to! What I’ve been told is that because Boston is such a college town, somewhere around 70 percent* of the leases come up for renewal on September 1st. This means that a majority of the city is trying to move all on the same day. Granted, a big chunk of the moving is being done by college students but that doesn’t make this day any less ridiculous.

Why am I talking about this phenomenon a week after it happened? Well, there is still used furniture all over the city streets! For someone who’s never lived in this place before, a day where everyone in the area is moving into a new place is kind of a shock…to say the least!

Some of the odd experiences I witnessed or heard from friends include:

  1. Trucks getting stuck on Storrow Dr. (one of the main roads in Boston). Apparently native Bostonians understand that it’s only a matter of time before a truck wedges itself under one of the many bridges and underpasses on this road, and causes a major traffic jam.
  2. Moving companies and equipment is booked months in advance – just for this day. My roommate counted more than 100 trucks pass by, just from our porch.
  3. Some new tenants will have their stuff moved to the front of a house/apartment/condo incredibly early on the morning of the 1st, only to sit there and wait for hours, until they are officially allowed inside.
  4. Streets are lined with used furniture, which is abandoned on the curb of the old residence (either because it doesn’t fit in the truck or residents couldn’t get rid of it prior to the move). The past few years, city officials have added tags to some pieces warning of potential bed bug infestations which are very common on the East Coast – and will probably be discussed in another post.
  5. Traffic is horrendous! Not only are the streets filled with trucks moving people but some who are not fortunate enough to reserve a moving truck turn to their friends with vehicles…which means there are more cars in the City than normal on this day.

What is so bizarre about Moving Day to me is that this is the only area I’ve ever heard of that has so many people moving at once! I realize there is a large contingent of students  in Boston but to have so many leases up on the same day!?! Wow. Personally, my lease is up on September 1st next year, so I’ll either be among the mess of moving tenants or I’ll be staying put for another year!! From what I saw this year, I’ll probably stay right where I am – unless my roommates drive me out with torches and axes. Even then I think I’d rather hide than move on Sept. 1!

*This was a number told to me by someone who lives here – it has not been verified.