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Not Your Average Resolutions Post

A new year brings hope of new beginnings and those always inspiring resolutions. Well, I don’t actually like making resolutions because I always found that I break them. Instead I prefer to set goals for myself. (I’m sure it all seems like semantics but to me, it’s actually easier to set goals that can be checked off throughout the year.)

For How I Met Your State (HIMYS), I am always talking about visiting places or doing things around Boston but have never actually kept a running list. Until now! The following is my resolutions or goals list for HIMYS 2012 edition.

Note: These are in no particular preference or priority order.


  1. Blue Ribbon
  2. Firefly
  3. Erbaluce
  4. Orinoco
  5. Regal Begal
  6. Giacomo’s
  7. South End Buttery
  8. Bee Hive
  9. Silvertone
  10. The Capital Grille


  1. Harpoon or Sam Adams Brewery Tour
  2. Bunker Hill
  3. Visit Maine or Rhode Island
  4. Boston Public Library
  5. Marathon Monday
  6. Fall Foliage/Leaf Peeping
  7. Corn Maze
  8. Haunted Boston Bus Tour
  9. Celtics or Bruins Game
  10. Institute of Contemporary Art

Here’s to another great year! What other places or restaurants would you recommend? Leave your recommendations in the comments section. And may your year be filled with adventure!