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Bruins Fever

The Bs

The Boston Bruins

It’s hard to avoid major sporting events in a city like Boston. Especially when a team advances to a huge finals tournament – and hasn’t been to said tournament for about 30 years.

Hello Bruins and the Stanley Cup.

Boston is already a sports powerhouse of a city; with the Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots. It’s a trifecta of teams that were underdogs and rose to a very prestigious sports status. What was most interesting to me, as a resident, was how residents in the city of Boston have come down with Bruins fever. From what I understand, there are a huge contingent of fans but the Bruins are not necessarily the favorite of the teams (sorry to offend any crazy Bruins fans out there – that’s just what I’ve heard). With the advancement into the Stanley Cup finals, Boston fans flocked to local bars to be a part of an epic event.

I don’t want to say that everyone is a fair-weather fan but it naturally happens that they come out of the woodwork for these sorts of occasions. However, there is something to seeing so many people in black and yellow. It’s the same feeling I get when I go to Sox games and see so much blue and red; and a sea of burnt orange throughout a 100,000 person stadium (hook ‘em!).

It’s hard not to feel pride when something so huge happens within a city. Despite not being a Bruins or hockey fan at all, that I’m proud of my city. It’s a nice reminder of how great it is to be able to call yourself a Bostonian.