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Restaurant Week Review: Anthem

For my first stop during restaurant week, I decided to try out Anthem located in Faneuil Hall. I’ve considered eating at the restaurant before but was always dissuaded by several factors including price, clientele (gaggles of tourists) and wait. However, as a part of Restaurant Week Boston, the dinner menu looked delightful and the price was something I couldn’t pass up.

The three course menu costs about 33.00 (minus tax or tip, and does not include beverages), with options including fried green tomatoes, braised ribs and bacon wrapped tenderloin. Having only heard about Restaurant Week before, I was curious how Anthem would stack up.


Honestly, Anthem was surprisingly delectable. The first course I tried the buttermilk fried oysters with chipotle-orange aioli, which were a nice level of crispy on the outside without loosing the succulent moisture and flavor of the oyster. For the main dish, I ate the crispy skin salmon with sweet and sour shittake mushrooms which was fantastic – the only part I was a little disappointed in was a fried rice cake side dish. Take this away, and the dish as a whole was fantastic. Of course, I couldn’t not try the fried twinkie for my dessert option – and I was totally floored when this fancy looking dish came to my table. The fried twinkie’s presentation was lovely, and I wasn’t disappointed to find that it reminded me of being at the Texas State Fair. Though, I did enjoy having fresh fruit and whip cream with it – something not really possible with a typical fair food.

All in all, the price was a great bargain and Anthem got me to consider looking past my previous hang ups. I would most definitely head to Anthem again – hopefully, in the summer when the windows can be opened to the patio area!

I’ve got a few more Restaurant Week stops planned – so keep an eye out! For now, I’m still looking for any recommendations, so leave them in the comments box, if you’ve got them!