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Activity Time: Touring the Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon UFO White

Harpoon UFO White

Full disclosure: I am not what’s known as a beer nerd. I just enjoy fun activities so if you are a self proclaimed beer nerd, please don’t judge the following adventures of a novice too harshly.

One of the most well known beers tied to Boston is Sam Adams. The brewery is located in Jamaica Plain and from what I’ve heard from locals, the tour is so-so. I know a lot of tourists come out and visit the brewery, so it’s certainly on my activity must list, at which time I will rank it appropriately!

However, another popular brew in Boston comes from the Harpoon Brewery. Harpoon is known for its IPA (or India Pale Ale, for those non-beer connoisseurs out there). In any case, I’ve tried various kinds of Harpoon and have always been told to visit the brewery, especially since I’ve visited a few others in my travels including Cape Cod Brewery, Shipyard, Allagash and Red Hook.

The Harpoon Brewery is out in the Seaport and the company recently renovated an area of its building, turning it into a beer hall. I’m not sure how the tours and experience was prior to the opening of the beer hall but now, Harpoon seemed to take a page out of Disney World’s book. The line you enter to purchase your tickets for the brewery tour winds around one section of the bar, where guests can purchase samples or glasses of beers on tap. This was actually a really great idea since you can see the other section of the beer hall, where guests are already comfortable, munching on snacks or sipping a cold one — you essentially avoid having any beer envy while you wait.

While the tickets for the brewery tour are first come first serve (and cost only $5), and you can’t get them online before arriving, the line set up helped calm our fears of the tours being sold out on a Saturday. However, I will say, if you want to take a tour on the weekends, definitely get to the brewery early and pick up tickets. The staff allows you to pick your tour time so you could pick your time for later in the day, after a scrumptious lunch in the Seaport.

Waiting in the beer hall, you sit at big wooden picnic tables, and while it gets a bit loud (because the ceilings are fairly high), it’s actually pretty pleasant. If you have time to kill, definitely get a pretzel. The pretzels are made with the grain used to make the beer and its soaked in or cooked in Harpoon’s IPA. Whatever they are made of, they were fantastic — and you get a choice of two dipping sauces which were equally yummy.

Harpoon Beer - Packaged and Ready to Send

Harpoon Beer – Packaged and Ready to Send

The tour itself was pretty fantastic. While I’ve take a few brewery tours before this, I have to say that this was one of the best. The tour is approximately an hour, and our tour guides were just the right kind of sarcastic and knowledgable about the beer that was being made. You could tell they loved beer (which I think also makes a huge difference). I doubt I accurately remember all the interesting factoids about the brewery (just look above when I talked about the pretzels — that was a tidbit picked up from the tour), so I won’t repeat any others here. However, at the very end of the tour, you get 20 minutes in a private tasting room, where you can sample various flavors and types of beers currently on tap.

Overall, I would recommend the brewery tour for anyone looking for a laid back activity in Boston — and definitely, for those who have taken the tour, a visit to the beer hall. I don’t think the beer hall is a place that you can hang out all day but its worth a stop by.

My Maine Squeeze: 48 Hours in Portland

In April, my now fiance and I had a chance to get away for a long weekend but with a summer of weddings around the US ahead of us, decided that a New England getaway would be perfect. The destination? Portland, Maine.

Portland is only three hours from Boston and from what I had previously heard, is very similar to Austin in its laid back atmosphere, local boutiques and passionate foodies. It seemed like a fantastic destination to explore and relax.

We managed to stay at a waterfront hotel and easily walk around the downtown area, which was an incredible backdrop for the entire trip. Even though we went out to visit in mid-April, there was actually a snowstorm warning (which may not be that shocking if you are from New England) and it was fairly overcast/rainy most of the time we were there. However, that didn’t stop us from exploring.

Oysters from J's Oyster

Oysters from J’s Oyster

First stop, the Allagash brewery. The brewery is located outside of downtown, about 15-20 minutes, and the tours of the facility are free. The best part of the tour was the tasting, which provided us with a rich history of the beers and the technique used to create them before we made our way through the facility. If you get a chance to get out to Maine, I would definitely recommend a stop at Allagash. In fact, Portland has a plethora of breweries including Shipyard. If you’re a beer connoisseur, Portland is a destination for you. And if you love beer and are looking for a place to get hitched, Shipyard appeared to have a mini chapel in its building downtown. (Just saying.)

Allagash Brewery Tour

Allagash Brewery Tour

On the food side, we manage to hit several restaurants in the city. Gritty McDuffs was an excellent little restaurant that brews its own beer with insanely good Poutine (gravy and cheese fries). Similar to Gritty McDuffs, we also stopped at a restaurant called the Thirsty Pig where we found a wide assortment of beers and an delicious menu of German food (primarily, homemade speciality sausage). Another must stop that I had heard about was J’s Oyster, where I stuffed my face with fresh oysters caught that morning. Lastly, we had an incredible meal at Fore Street, a phenomenal restaurant that  creates its dishes from local ingredients. It was by far the priciest meal that we ate but it was one of those places that you won’t regret dropping a little extra for.

The Thirsty Pig

The Thirsty Pig

While overall, we both had a great time in Portland, we picked a terrible time to visit. We were unable to visit many local sites and museums because they do not open until after Memorial Day. So, I’m of the opinion that I’ll need to go back and see everything there is to see in Portland. However, the weekend will still always hold a special place in my heart because this was the weekend that my significant other and I got engaged. I guess you can say that Portland is where I started the next chapter of my life, with my Maine Squeeze.

Activity Time: Shuck It To Me!

North End Fish Market

North End Fish Market

When I first moved to Boston, I reviewed a lot of materials about a variety of fun activities around the city. One activity that caught my attention, but kinda scared me, was oyster shucking. First, you must know a little secret: I actually didn’t like oysters until I moved here. However, I love seafood and figured that oysters would just be a natural fit for me. What better place to learn about how to eat and prepare a proper oyster than Boston, right?

Well, that was a much more difficult feat than I initial anticipated. It was hard to find brave souls that already enjoyed eating them – and trying various kinds of oysters soon became a regular activity during visits from out of town friends. As I initially suspected, I did love oysters and soon started to assemble a short list of local friends who shared my secret obsession. One of whom mentioned on New Year’s Eve how much they wanted to learn to shuck. It seemed that the opportunity had arrived!

A month ago, this friend and I took a stroll down to the North End Fish Market to try out a free shucking class. The fish market is a small location on Salem St. (parallel to Hanover) and was started by two women who were tired of their day jobs and wanted to do something they truly loved.

In the market, they sell fresh and pre-prepared fish, as well as sushi and some sides. The shucking class is held every Saturday, between 1 to 3 pm, and it usually takes around 15 or so minutes. The best part? You only pay for what you shuck! There is no additional fee to learn. You can also grab a nice bottle of wine and bring it with you – which of course I did.

Despite what I thought about shucking before, I now know that it’s much harder than it looks. It’s also really easy to cut yourself (which I was thankful I did not do). Our instructor and the owner kept telling us that it wasn’t about strength – it was about the force and opening it depended on where the pressure was being placed. Also, the owners noted that opening oysters worked your core – can you say bonus?

The oysters that we shucked and ate were so flavorful that they just needed a squirt of lemon juice. Though, it was a little weird to learn that the oysters were technically still alive when we were shucking and eating them. I’m not sure why I didn’t realize that before though.

I managed to come away from the class with a new found respect of oyster bars – and with a belly full of some fresh, delicious seafood in my belly. If you are looking for an activity in the North End, and are fond of oysters, I would absolutely recommend the class (and my friend noted that she thought it was a great place for an adventurous date).

The Boston Summer is Wet on Arrival

Summer is alive and well in Boston, and it’s one of my favorite times of the year. It’s so amazing to be in the City during the summer, when there are so many things to do and Bostonians are dead-set on enjoying as much of the nice weather as possible! No one wants to think about how the cold and gloomy winter will be back soon.

However, this summer has been incredibly wet and rainy. It’s a little discouraging, to wait for this time of year and then not get to actually spend much time enjoying it! However, as someone that’s from drought ridden areas of Texas (which is pretty much the whole state), I appreciate that the rain is keeping everything in bloom and keeping the sweltering heat to a minimum.

This got me thinking. What are some of fun activities around the City during mucky, rainy weather?

  1. New England Aquarium – during the summer months (because school is out and tourists flock to the area), the Aquarium can be incredibly packed! It’s a very cool facility and there are four or so floors of aquatic life that will keep the entire family (or animal lover) engaged. Of course, don’t miss the scheduled animal chats, where the keepers provide you with a look at the life of the animals at the facility and there is a fantastic sting ray touch tank, among other activities. I would definitely recommend putting on those rain boots and hiking it out to the Aquarium, which is located by the waterfront and the Faneuil area. Check out the schedule for the IMAX Theater, while you’re out there also.
  2. Museum of Fine Arts – another destination in Boston that gets incredibly crowded on the weekends, the MFA is a great place to hit up during those wet weather days. The museum is large, and you can easily spend a whole day there. Plus, the MFA has food inside the building but you’re not far from anything in the Fenway area, if you want to eat somewhere more unique. In the summer, the MFA holds Summer Friday events, where they host live music (and have a cash bar). The best part? They keep these scheduled even during rainy days – you just report to the Upper Rotunda in the museum.
  3. Let’s Bowl! – one of my personal favorite activities is bowling (big ball, for those of you New Englanders). A great place in the City to bowl is Jillians/Lucky Strike. It’s in the Fenway area, and has three floors of bowling, pool, etc. If you’re in the Boylston area, try Kings instead. While it doesn’t have three floors, it does have a considerable amount of space for its bowling alley, a large arcade and a restaurant/bar. Plus, the Summer Shack (a Phantom Gourmet recommended seafood locale) is right next door. If you would rather get in touch with your “New England” roots, and try candlepin bowling instead, I would recommend Boston Bowl (Dorchester) or Lanes and Games (Cambridge).
  4. Roller Derby – a favorite summer activity for me is attending Roller Derby matches hosted by the Boston Derby Dames. Rain or shine, these local events are held in Wilmington, MA at the Shriner Auditorium and are less than $20.00 for tickets. Beer, derby and “sick” player names like the Secretary of Hate Killery Clinton? Yes, please!
  5. Eat! – of course, no rainy day would be complete without a day spent snacking or eating. As you’ve seen on this blog, there are always plenty of restaurants to grab delicious grub from, so I’m not going to necessarily make any recommendations for food places but you can always check out the Boston Globe’s Chow Down Beantown blog, for reviews of the newest restaurants. I like to watch the Phantom Gourmet on Saturday’s, and pick out new or yummy looking places to try. Or you can mix it up, and try to attend a cooking class at the Boston Center for Adult Education.


Hopefully, the rainy season will end soon but until then, I’m going to try to enjoy the Boston summer as much as I can…even if it’s indoors.

HIMYS Breaks into Spring!

Once again, I was scooped up into a crazy whirlwind of traveling and mayhem (well, maybe the mayhem part isn’t quite accurate). In any event, the blog has been seriously lacking in content. I am back to report on many fun items from my travels. The first of which was Restaurant Week!

Technically, I’m not a food blog, but writing about new restaurants is so easy to do in Boston. They are everywhere! So forgive me now if you’re not looking for another food post…cause that’s what this is!

Boston holds Restaurant Week twice a year – and so the great experiment begins! This season, I was able to try three different places, and have given a summary of each below. I really love Restaurant Week for the opportunity it brings. If you don’t already know, area restaurants serve a fixed price menu for around $33 (which doesn’t include drinks). Some restaurants are always going to be pricier by nature. Which is fine. However, I have a hard time justifying the money on one meal if I don’t already know it’s good. Therefore, the fixed price makes it a perfect chance to try these places without feeling guilty or eating ramen for weeks.

With that in mind, I selected these restaurants based on recommendations but it’s important to note that these places tend to be in the mid-to-upper price range. I don’t actually know the names of all of these dishes, so forgive me for some of my crude descriptions.

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City Table 

Inside the Lenox Hotel, this restaurant claims to be a local neighborhood spot but in the higher end sense, of course. It’s a cute space, with a very modern feel – it juxtaposes nice with the classic vibe of the hotel. To me, the space felt a bit divided though and sometimes cramped.

For restaurant week, I started with an artichoke and leek arancini which was lightly battered and fried. It was a good idea but it seem to be a little dry and the artichoke was not distributed equally among the filling, so it just tasted like rice and batter at points. As my main dish, I tried the salmon with brussel sprouts in a cream and sliced potatoes. It wasn’t bad but it just seemed to lack seasoning and the fish was a little overdone. Dessert was a cheesecake with blackberry sauce, which was again, was just ok. It tasted like cheesecake you could buy at the grocery story.

Overall, my experience was not wonderful – and the food was just ok overall. For the price, I’ll skip this restaurant unless a friend selects it for a special occasion. I’ve been told it’s pretty good from a few friends, so maybe it was a Restaurant Week thing.

Blue, Inc.

In the aquarium area, I’m told Blue’s head chef is a former FOX Hell Kitchen contestant. I don’t think Gordon Ramsay would be upset by this place! The restaurant is very small but quaint. Lots of fun décor, and obviously a lot of blue, even the tables and chairs were different than the standard restaurant. It was refreshing to walk into.

For dinner, I started with a Tuna tartare. Let me tell you – I could have licked the plate when I was done. It was incredible. It was marinated in soy sauce, so I was told it’s not a technical tartare but, wow. It definitely got me excited about the rest of my food. For my main course, I went with a mussels fritte. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wowed. The sauce and fries were good, and there was a chipotle aioli dip that was incredible. I was, however, disappointed with the mussels. It tasted like they could have used another few minutes in the pot. They were just a bit too fishy for me – which is tough, because I love fish. Moving to dessert, I went with the carrot cake. It was just a little on the dry side.

Overall, I would absolutely visit again and give the main dish another shot. The mussels were not one of the dishes that the waiter recommended, so part of that is my fault. I was told the duck confit or the swordfish were the top choices.

Market by Jean-Georges

While I had never heard of Market before my Restaurant Week experience, I knew it was an incredibly nice place when I heard that it was 1) in the W Hotel and 2) there was a business casual dress code. If you don’t like either of those things, don’t go to Market. However, I was ready to give it a shot, so I put on my Sunday’s best and hit the town.

To start, I tried the split pea soup. Pea soup generally has a automatic “yuck” reaction for a lot of people I know. However, it was delightful. The flavors were amazing, it’s hard to describe unless you try it for yourself. I just know that from now on, I want my soup poured in my bowl table side. Yum! For my main course, I had a Sriracha cod with bok choy. Delicious!! I love Sriracha anyways – but throw in some perfectly cooked fish with some wonderfully steamed bok choy, and you’ve made a fan out of me. For dessert, I had a salted caramel ice cream with caramel popcorn on top and chocolate sauce (peanuts were an option but I don’t eat those). It was delightful.

Overall, as you can probably already tell, I loved Market. The service was fantastic, the food was outstanding and the atmosphere was great. You might not be allowed to wear jeans but personally, I never felt like people are condescending or snooty.

Visiting three places for Restaurant Week definitely made me feel like a little kid on Christmas. I really enjoy trying new things, and I don’t regret going to any of these places. I do, however, get a little annoyed when restaurants don’t give you the real experience during Restaurant Week that you would get on an everyday visit. It seems like Restaurant Week is an affordable way to become a regular. Why not take advantage of that?

There are definitely a bunch of other restaurants that I have on my list for the summer edition but I won’t spoil anything too soon! Hello Spring!

Restaurant Review: Sweet Cheeks Q

Courtesy of Sweet Cheeks Q Site

As a former Texan, I’m cursed. No really. I have incredibly high standards when it comes to barbeque and Tex-Mex/Mexican food. The Bostonians I’ve met are always willing to provide recommendations for places to try – places that they LOVE. It’s hard to for me to try these and then report back that I didn’t really like them. (Honestly though, since I’m half Southern/half Mid-Western, it’s really tough for me to tell someone I didn’t enjoy their favorite BBQ joint as much as they did.)

I’m not saying that I have never found Mexican or BBQ that I liked, it’s just really hard to compare to the source. It’s the same with Boston’s seafood or clam chowder. There is probably no way that you’d find such incredible dishes in the South or Mid-West. It’s just not what they’re known for.

However, I was incredibly excited to find out that former Top Chef contestant Tiffani Faison’s had helped start a restaurant that focused on Texas-style BBQ, I was over the moon excited to try it.

Despite having to wait about 20-30 minutes to grab a table, I came pretty hungry – and the food came quickly! My table started with the homemade biscuits which came with honey butter, the hush puppies and fried okra. The biscuits were my absolute favorite part of the apps we ordered, with the fried okra coming in second. It just reminded me of being in Texas and I couldn’t get enough.

For my main course, I had the ribs with black-eyed peas and potato salad. The ribs were really good – and Sweet Cheeks provides three different sauces on every table: hot, traditional and vinegar-based. I went with the traditional but if you like spicy sauces, you’ll probably enjoy the hot version.

All in all, the trip was awesome. The wait was absolutely worth it, even if at the time, I was dying for food. I loved the atmosphere. Even the bathrooms were funky, as the woman’s contained framed photos of Dolly Parton, burning candles and a sticker vending machine.

I’ll definitely be returning for a BBQ fix and hopefully, comparing it to a few other joints in the area like Blue Ribbon. Next time, I’ll try to save room for dessert. The key word being TRY.

Update: This post was originally written in early January. Since that time I have been back to Sweet Cheeks, and tried the pork belly (OMG) and the pecan chocolate pie turnover (whoa!). All I can say is that I ate way too much – and it was still totally awesome.

Not Your Average Resolutions Post

A new year brings hope of new beginnings and those always inspiring resolutions. Well, I don’t actually like making resolutions because I always found that I break them. Instead I prefer to set goals for myself. (I’m sure it all seems like semantics but to me, it’s actually easier to set goals that can be checked off throughout the year.)

For How I Met Your State (HIMYS), I am always talking about visiting places or doing things around Boston but have never actually kept a running list. Until now! The following is my resolutions or goals list for HIMYS 2012 edition.

Note: These are in no particular preference or priority order.


  1. Blue Ribbon
  2. Firefly
  3. Erbaluce
  4. Orinoco
  5. Regal Begal
  6. Giacomo’s
  7. South End Buttery
  8. Bee Hive
  9. Silvertone
  10. The Capital Grille


  1. Harpoon or Sam Adams Brewery Tour
  2. Bunker Hill
  3. Visit Maine or Rhode Island
  4. Boston Public Library
  5. Marathon Monday
  6. Fall Foliage/Leaf Peeping
  7. Corn Maze
  8. Haunted Boston Bus Tour
  9. Celtics or Bruins Game
  10. Institute of Contemporary Art

Here’s to another great year! What other places or restaurants would you recommend? Leave your recommendations in the comments section. And may your year be filled with adventure!

Restaurant Review: Tremont 647

Courtesy of Tremont 647

Since moving to Boston, I’ve come to a very important conclusion. Brunch is by far my favorite meal of the day.

Here’s the thing. Bostonians also seem to love brunch! On a trip to the South End, I had actually planned on trying the South End Buttery. A good friend of mine swears by the place! Unfortunately, when I had attempted to eat there, I didn’t realize the restaurant section was very small and reservations are essential for eating before 2pm on a Sunday. Of course, I’ll be sure to make a stop there at some point. However, if I had been able to eat at the Buttery, I would have never had an opportunity to try Tremont 647’s famous pajama brunch.

First, the name says it all. Servers, hosts (and maybe the cooks) are all decked out in their pajamas. If you want to showoff your new reindeer PJs, Tremont 647 welcomes you! Outside of the fun atmosphere, I was able to grab a table right away – that in itself was a huge win for Tremont 647, considering I had called a few other restaurants and they all had two hours waits.

The service and the food were excellent. To eat, I selected a simple dish, their version of scrambled eggs and bacon. Nothing about the simplicity of the food diminished the taste though. The server also recommended the breakfast sandwich for my friend, who remarked that it was also delicious.

All in all, the experience itself was fantastic. It seems like the restaurant could get incredibly busy because of its size but its definitely worth trying. After an initial visit, I can’t wait to put on my snuggie and go back!

If brunch isn’t your thing, you might also consider their $2 Taco Tuesdays. Just be sure to get there early and bring your appetite.

How I Met Your State Catches Up

There are so many activities or restaurants that I haven’t had a chance to blog about and since my list is growing, I thought I would change things up a bit. This post is a quick list of places I’ve been or things I’ve eaten that haven’t had a fair shake on the blog yet! While I would love to give each of these items a much longer post, I don’t know  what’s coming next on the adventure front and don’t want to miss a beat.


Fenway Park

Fenway Tour

Want to visit historic Fenway Park but can’t get tickets to a Red Sox game? You should consider the park tour. It runs every day of the week, picks up at the souvenir store on Yawkey Way and costs about $12 for adults. The chance to experience Fenway and get a bit of history is worth the price of the ticket.

HIMYS Recommends: Try to visit when the Red Sox are playing an away game. The tour might take you on the field but its not always a guaranteed stop.


Sweet Caroline’s

New bar that opened recently in Fenway between Baseball Tavern and the Machine. Offers an incredible atmosphere for watching sporting events (huge TVs at the bar) and the woodwork makes you feel like cozying up for a longer stay.

HIMYS Recommends: Check out the bar while the Red Sox are not in season to get a feel for it. The location alone ensures that this is going to be a hot spot during games.

The Landsdowne Pub

Popular bar in the Fenway area, located on Landsdowne Street across from Fenway Park. This is a favorite night life locale in Boston, but also has a decent menu for hungry day dwellers.

HIMYS Recommends: Actually, my friend who is originally from Ireland raves about their Irish sausage and beans plate. He points out that this dish is the closest he’s come to the original in Ireland.


Cape Cod Beach on a Cloudy Day

Cape Cod

There is no way I can summarize this in one short paragraph! This is a place holder for a larger post later – with both activity and restaurant recommendations to follow!

HIMYS Recommends: Stay tuned for a more in depth post!



Max Brenner’s

Located on Boylston, this restaurant is all about the delightful experience. If you don’t already know, this place is known for its desserts – and when you walk in, chocolate is being mixed in a vat.

HIMYS Recommends: Eat a smaller portion at dinner so you can indulge in dessert. Also check out the brunch menu – but be sure to make a reservation on OpenTable.

Mussels at the Barking Crab

Barking Crab

This infamous seafood restaurant is located right around the South End and the Waterfront area. If you are in the mood to pig out on seafood, you’ve found the place to be. The Barking Crab was featured on the Travel Channel’s Man vs Food, which should tell you about the portion sizes.

HIMYS Recommends: Bring a friend and split a seafood dish to keep the cost reasonable…and try the steamed mussels.

Sibling Rivalry

A South End restaurant with two chefs and two distinctly different menu choices for the same meats or ingredients.

HIMYS Recommends: Hit up Sibling Rivalry during Restaurant Week or on Monday nights. The flat rate price for three course meal (without drinks) is a deal and a chance to test it before you spend a lot during a normal dinner.


Mexican-inspired restaurant located in the South End with a wide selection of tapas and margaritas. Masa also offers brunch on Saturdays and Sundays with a set price menu of its most popular morning dishes.

HIMYS Recommends: Try the Fiesta Brunch (fixed price) as you get a big bang for your buck and the food is delicious. Also, Masa regularly has happy hour prices on their tapas but you need to eat at the bar to get the menu. (It’s a great place for a book club meeting, as well.)

There are so many more places or activities that should be on this list. Since I can’t keep up with the pace on the blog, I’ll certain try to pull together these summary posts every few months.

Do you have a place you would recommend visiting or a tip for a certain activity/restaurant? Leave it in the comments section below.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! A Day at King Richard’s Faire

In September, I had the pleasure of visiting King Richard’s Faire or as I like to call it, the Massachusetts Renaissance Festival. As you drive up to park, you can tell that this is definitely a staple event for people around the state in the Fall. Plus, it’s ridiculous and fun. Of course, every staff member (outside of the police) were dressed in medieval garb and spoke as if they were in a terrible period piece. What is great about the Faire is that you are immersed in this goofy environment: somewhat modern (cause did they really have salad in the olden days of y’ore) and kind of Medieval Times like.

Parade during the Faire

There are an fair amount of performances during the day including comedians (watch out, they’ll pull you on stage), jousters, rat tamers and even a busty wench competition. While I personally enjoyed eating a huge turkey leg and having my fortune told, I was a bit conflicted with my experience. On the one hand, it was a great place to let loose and just have fun. On the other, it is pretty expensive if you pay for admission and everything else.

The price tag doesn’t just stop with the tickets (which are around $30, unless you can find a free connection like I did). Everything costs money – even the performers ask for tips after every show. Oh, and watch out for the wenches. Some of them are out to steal your beer. That a pretty penny down the drain.

Did I mention that the Faire is way out in the boons (i.e. middle of nowhere)? Technically, it’s located in Carver, Mass.

Overall, it was definitely a fun occasion but it wasn’t something I left feeling like I needed to participate in every year. Every five might just do. Maybe that will teach King Richard to treat his subjects a little kinder (he was not as jolly in person as his billboards made him out to be).

Have you ever been to King Richard’s Faire? Am I being too harsh?

King Richard Welcomes You