Chowderfest…Need I Say More?

It’s been a couple weeks since my last posting but man, has the time flown by! I should have some fantastic posts coming up, as I had a chance to visit some classic Boston tourist destinations recently. More of that later.

Back to the chowder. Every Fourth of July weekend, Boston holds a series of events lovingly called Harborfest. Reenactment activities are coordinated around the City, while tours, sailing, runs and more all keep locals and tourists bustling all over town. Of course, these events lead up to Boston’s nationally recognized fireworks celebration. The one event that particularly caught my attention during this slew of fun activities was Chowderfest.

Clam chowder, the infamous Boston seafood stew, is best served in the summer when seafood season is at it’s peak. So why wouldn’t you want to spend a warm, gloriously humid summer day sampling some piping hot chowder? I actually thought the idea of this whole event was so funny that I had to attend last year. It was one of my first Boston activities. And it will live in infamy.

I have to say, last year, I wasn’t thrilled that there were only seven or eight restaurants that lined up to dish out their very best chowder. However, I appreciated that the event provides you with all-you-can-eat samplings, and an opportunity to place a vote for your favorite chowder. After such a great experience last year (despite my disappointment at the selection of the 2010 winner), I absolutely made it a point to attend the 2011 event.

Unfortunately, there were only four to five vendors at this year’s event. The line to enter the event was absolutely crazy which meant that people were displaying disappointing chowder decorum. There was a dedicated kids activity area, and a bunch of free samples from other vendors (Nantucket Nectars was my personal favorite).

If you’ve never experienced Chowderfest, I would recommend a visit. But be ready to fork over at least 12 bucks for a ticket – and get pushed around a bit. Me, I’ll need to reassess my attendance next year as I did not leave with a satisfied feeling. Either for the chowders sampled or the event itself.

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