New England’s Dunkin’ Obsession

Source: Wikipedia

Many of my previous posts have centered around unique attractions, restaurants or experiences in Boston. What’s important to understand about this post is that the rest of the country doesn’t love (or even have access to) Dunkin’ Donuts nearly as much as Boston. Dunkin’ Donuts was founded in Quincy, Massachusetts by William Rosenburg in 1950. The franchise has somewhere around 300 stores in the state – meaning that every time you turn around, you run into a Dunkin’.

Most Bostonians, when asked about their coffee choices, will select either Starbucks or Dunkin’. I’ve found that most people I know prefer Dunkin’. And not only is it everywhere, but it’s cheaper than many alternatives like Starbucks. Of course, when you hit up Fenway Park or any other large sporting event, Dunkin’ is typically a bit more expensive but still a staple at these area festivities.

The obsession with Dunkin’ really is quite a phenomenon in Boston. When I mention that Dunkin’ can’t really be found in Texas, expect for the grounds at supermarkets, I usually receive baffled looks. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Dunkin’ – and am definitely converted from my former Starbucks days. However, the loyalty to the franchise is kind of unique to this area. It definitely provides insight into the Boston persona.

If you visit from out of town, or just moved from an area that doesn’t have any Dunkin’ options, I definitely suggest grabbing a big cup on the way to work. It may not be a historic attraction or a swanky four star restaurant but the brand has deep roots in Boston. And it’s wicked good!

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