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Holy Moly! Church Rocks!

I’ve had an opportunity to visit quite a few amazing restaurants since moving here – though I have neglected writing about them…until now! A huge part of the excellence of the city is the culinary scene. Boston has incredible restaurant options, some renowned worldwide, while others are just locally raved. Of course, when you ask Bostonians for things to do, you typically receive a large amount of food recommendations. I’m just starting to work through them all!

One of the places that I visited recently was Church in the Fenway area. The restaurant is highly rated on sites like Yelp, so I figured I was in for something pretty good. And frankly, it did not disappoint. A friend and I stopped by for brunch on a Saturday, before hitting up the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum (which I’ll record in a future entry). The atmosphere is very warm and open – as there were couches and booths along the wall, while tables and a decent bar area filled the rest of the space.

Eggs Benedictine

The menu and drinks are themed with religious history, which was honestly very well done and incredibly creative. My breakfast, the Eggs Benedictine, was incredibly delicious. I’m not a huge eggs benedict fan but I would definitely order this again. My friend ordered the Toad in a Hole, which consisted of two slices of french toast with poached eggs and crisp bacon on top. I was able to sneak a bite of this dish, and though I don’t like mixing sweet and salty, I couldn’t help putting this on my favorites list.

The service was great and the price of two dishes with coffee was only 20 bucks. Really a steal for a fancy restaurant in the Fenway area! Church also boasts an interesting music scene, as there is a concert venue attached to the back of the restaurant. I would definitely recommend hitting up Church, if you are looking for some tasty food. If I don’t go back for brunch soon, I would love to try this spot for dinner and drinks.

Winter Wonderland or Frigid Wasteland?

Apologies for the delay in postings on the blog! The holidays were especially crazy with travel and work, but with 2011 in full swing, that should hopefully change.

Speaking of which, the winter has been especially brutal this year. This is my first official New England winter. And to be honest, it kind of sucks. I’ve not experienced a real winter in 16 years, which was right around the time I moved from Minnesota to Texas. Visiting Minnesota in the winter every year since did not really prepare me for the onslaught of Arctic Blasts that have hit Massachusetts so far.

It is only the end of January and already the city has experienced two full blizzards and a host of snow storms. Tonight will be the first night that the temperatures officially drop below zero. According to a post from the MetroDesk of the Boston Globe, the wind chill is set to hit negative 25. Wowzers.

I do realize that winter is one of four seasons that I was going to have to live through upon my move but seriously?!? This has been rough!

Here’s a great question though: how do you deal with the winter year in and year out? As someone who’s going to be staying in Boston for a while, what is the best way to survive the season? Leave some suggestions in the comments box and I’ll try to participate in some truly New England winter experiences before the season ends (and document the journey along the way).